Workshops: BOOKING NOW! Uganda, Africa September 2016


VR is going to Africa! This is the first of many workshops in Uganda. Don't miss out on this 9 day intensive workshop or the add-on safari trip! 

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Country Information: 

Uganda, a landlocked country that sits on the Eastern side of Africa bordered by Kenya, The Sudan, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Tanzania is slightly smaller than the state of Oregon and home to 34.5 million people. Uganda ranks 27th in the world for infant mortality and is considered the epicenter of the sub-saharan HIV/AIDS pandemic. Over 1 million children have been orphaned due to aids and thousands more have lost parents due to decades of civil war. Though rich in natural resources, it is one of the poorest countries in the world.  

Uganda is green, lush, and shockingly beautiful. Attracted to the magnificent landscape, wildlife and friendly culture, it was nicknamed the "Pearl of Africa" by Sir Winston Churchill. 

The NGO, Children's Heritage Foundation has been working in Uganda since 2005 and is partnered with locals in 3 distinct regions, helping to provide education, food, heathcare and boost economic self-sufficiency.  


Date: Friday, Sept. 30th-Friday, Oct. 14th (days and dates are flexible at this point). 

This is a 9 day in-country trip. There is an optional add-on safari (which you will definitely want to do) which brings the trip to 14 days total. 

Cost: around $3,000 (if we can get the airfare at $1,000 which is what it's at right now). Optional safari trip adds $300. 

Lodging: Hotels. Hotels are clean, modest and offer breakfast and dinner when paying for a room.  

Flights: We fly Emirates. Everyone would fly out Friday from wherever their departure city is, then meet in Dubai. We overnight in Dubai, then fly out Sunday morning together, arriving in Entebbe, Uganda around 3pm.  


Once in Uganda, we will connect with the NGO, Children's Heritage Foundation. 

Mon.-Intro to Children's Heritage Foundation. 

Mon-Sun: From this point, we have lots of options. NGO has two distinct projects in various areas. One working with kids and orphan homes and another working with a vocational training school that does tailoring, crafts, etc. They also have a semi pro basketball team (women's and mens). Good stories there. However, we can also connect with medical, professional, or really anything else people are interested in. Most certainly there will be a options for travelling to various cities, including the congested capital, Kampala for one day for street shooting assignments.  

Add-On Safari Trip and Northern Projcet Details: 

If adding this tirp on, you will add 4- 5 days to your workshop. This will cover additional work with the NGO and an amazing chance to shoot in a Safari Park, boat on the River Nile and hike to Murchison Falls.  


Mon-Intro to NGO work in the North. 

Drive to first project, Guru Guru (1hr) from city center. Shoot in GG. Our project in this place is a village resettlement. This village was ransacked by the LRA in 2000, burned and pillaged. It is directly across from one of the bloodiest battles between LRA and local government. You can hike up the mountain and a local can tell you about it. Villagers were forced to flee and live in displacement camps. In 2007 everything was declared peaceful and camps were closed, forcing people to return. People stayed in camps for awhile then attempted to return and rebuild. The NGO has built a school and cleared a soccer field and are beginning to do some things with farming. It is an amazing village. My thought is that maybe a small few might want to spend the night in the village. They could cover lots of different stories if they spent the night. 

Tues.- shoot in GG again or possibly connect with other projects (31 bits, etc) that do bead making in the North 

Wed.-Drive to Safari Lodge and do boat safari that afternoon on the Nile. stay in safari lodge that night. 

Thurs. -Game drive in Safari park. Possible crit over lunch, then travel south to airport for departure. 

This will be an unbelievable workshop with an enourmous variety of shooting options. Join us in giving back.  

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