"Dear Glen, Thank you for providing such a well organized and valuable workshop experience. I know it takes a lot of work to pull this off and you made it look easy. The workshop precisely met myh expectations and desires. I learned much and was challenged, which is exactly what I needed and hoped would happen. Thank you" - Brian Page/Guatemala 2015 

"I had a great experience on the trip [Guatemala 2009]. More importantly, I wanted to express the gratitude I feel for your realization and perseverance to compose this trip. The philosophy behind the trip is just as important as any memory we might have. As a whole, it was great to know that others share this passion for a combination of creative independence along with a collective organization to enhance through support and criticism. I learned a lot from myself and others and have great courage to pursue my passions. This [trip] took me that much closer to my Truth." 

-Michaela O'Brien/VRWorkshops '09 

"I am leaving Guatemala this morning. I have had the incredible opportunity to decompress in the tranquility and beauty of my friends house in Ciudad Vieja. But I just want to take this moment, before being swept off in the hustle and bustle of life in the US to thank each and every one of you for the priviledge of getting to know you and being a part of this phenomenal experience we shared." 

-Eve Lyman/VRWorkshops '09 

"America no longer feels like home. I almost stayed for another week...I want to thank you for your unconditional guidance and understanding on this trip. I woke up. In a way I was not expecting." 

-Allycia Kimball/VRWorkshops '09 

“It gave me confidence to go into a situation where I expect not to be welcome - and then let myself be surprised” 

- Steph Plourde-Simard/VRWorkshop ‘08 

“It was my introduction to another world.” 

-Steve Sangalang/VRWorkshop ‘08 

"I was totally out of my element and it was awesome. It was a series of firsts for me." 

-Jocelyn Gabriel/VRWorkshops '08 

"I've always wanted to do something like this and [the] Guatemala [workshop] made that possible and made me realize that I could be in a strange place and survive on my own. I got my cell phone and felt safe - I know that sounds strange." 

-Melissa Ostrow/VRWorkshops '08 

"The Guatemala workshop was a shot in the arm for my documentary photography work." 

-Chris Gagne/VRWorkshop '07 

"I left as a photographer and returned as a photojournalist." 

-Josh Fleetwood/VRWorkshop '07