NGOs and Relief Organizations: The Gods Child Project-GUATEMALA


Their mission statement: 

"WE, The GOD'S CHILD Community, are benefactors, friends, volunteers, and children joined together to assist God's poorest children in their educational, social, physical, and spiritual growth. We view education as a practical way to help poor children escape from an otherwise painful life. 

WE, The Adults, accept our youth as gifts from God given to be our teachers, students, and children. We believe in the need to stand by their side until they are prepared to meet life and triumph in the eyes of God, their community, and themselves. 

WE, The Children, are the pride and reason why The GOD'S CHILD Project exists. We have the responsibility to behave honorably and to respect legitimate national, spiritual, and environmental law. We recognize the opportunities and help we have received from others, and will try each day to help someone with a need greater than our own." 

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