Award Winning Student Essays

Visual Reportage is commited to taking the work of each participant to the max and to producing accomplished photographers. Students are encouraged to enter their final projects into photography contests, use them as resumes for other workshops or as applications for grants to continue their specified essay. We make available many opportunities to get press time. At the close of each workshop, students are encouraged to enter upcoming contests, etc. Essays from our workshops have been submitted to The FENCE, The Eddie Adams Workshop, Boston Press Photographers Association, BURNmagazine, LensCulture and Social Documentary to name a few. The oppportunities are endless. The success of our students is of utmost priority. The following links of award winning photos from students go to show just how much we care that you gain confidence and commit to yourself as a photographer. Here are just a few of our workshop alumni making good with their work. 

Jeremiah Robinson, VR Workshop Guatemala, 2013 

2nd Place Winner 'Story', BPPA  

Arielle Simmons, VR Workshop Guatemala, 2013 

1st Place Winner 'Story', BPPA 

Kyle Spencer, VR Workshop Guatemala, 2015 

1st Place Winner, 'Feature', BPPA 

Brian Walters, VR Workshop Guatemala, 2012 

Best In Show, BPPA 

Jessica Eve Ratner, VR Workshop Guatemlala, 2010,2011 

Her essay 'House of Charm' earned her a spot as one of the 50 best emerging photographers named in the LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards  

Jessica Eve Ratner (VR Guatemala 2010,2011) and Abhishek Scariya (VR India 2009) were accepted into the prestigious Eddie Adams Workshop